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The insertion machine manufactured by Xinya can apply to all kinds of supporter,such as PCB board,Plastic,skeleton and metal shell and so on.The ability for insert PCB as following,min thickness can be 0.25mm,Min insert interval will be 0.6mm.And we can also insert pin from 1.0-38mm,the shortest size for bending pin can reach to 1.85mm;The X and Y axis adopt high precision leadscrew and  line guide rail,so that this machine have a high precision for moving.Meanwhile,the insert length can be adjusted freely,and max length can reach to 42mm.And Our insertion machine have a good stability and practicability



5.9.3 pin header blade coding principles
 Pin header blade in addition to mechanical parts drawing number code, the need to increase the coding pin head blade, blade type bar code written products, as


Item Parameter
Model Servo   Motor Stepper Motor
MAX Working area 300mm*300mm 300mm*300mm
MAX Moving speed 12m/min 3.5m/min
Insert speed ≤180pin/min ≤120pin/min
power 2000W/220V 300W/220V
Weight 750Kg 100Kg
control system PLC SCM
Display system touch screen Digital display screen
MIN length of PIN 1mm
MAX length of PIN 38mm
MIN thickness of PCB 0.25mm
Min. Insert Pitch 0.6mm
Function  Insert or bending can mutual conversion  Insert or bending can mutual conversion  



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