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A100 casing consists of two (or more) of parts.
B100 sleeve is made a part composition.
6.2 Additional expression probe6.
2.1 Mechanical properties:
minimum working stroke stroke stroke
6.2.2 spring tension:
the pre-load rated power material 
6.2.3 Electrical Specifications:
Rated current contact resistance  
6.3 Model specification example A100ANAB50-50/65-03 probe
6.3.1 Material and plating needles: Heat-treated high carbon steel,plated spring: stainless steel wire tube: brass,gold,chrome
6.3.2 Mechanical properties of the smallest stroke working stroke 3.0 4.0 4.0 stroke
6.3.3 Spring preload elastic force 50g 50g rated steel piano wire material
6.3.4 Electrical Characteristics Rated Current (A) Contact Resistance <0.6Ω


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